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April 3, 1957 - A Date for the Ottawa History Book!


This interview with Janet Fulton about Elvis' visit to Ottawa is an "Elvis Information Network" exclusive.


Timmy's - Elvis and a Double Double Take

I can't believe it! I know it was him! I could feel it in my bones, I could sense it in my stomach. It was Elvis Presley and I know it. Don't ask me how, because it's beyond human explanation, but I know it was him.

I thought the Elvis Sighting Society was a joke, a gimmick, a tongue in cheek organization for charity, and although that part may be true, I always thought the "Elvis is alive and well and living in Tweed Ontario Canada" was just make believe.

I was driving through Tweed on my way to Montreal. I was going to stop in Perth to visit a friend. I stopped off in Tweed at the 24 hour Tim Horton's to grab a coffee. It was late, probably 2am at least. I pulled into the parking lot, got out and entered the Timmys. I, along with the young man behind the counter, and an older gentleman in the corner were the only two in the Tim Hortons, not surprising given the time of night. I ordered my double double and a muffin and walked over to a seat and sat down to eat. It was quiet and I sat there relaxed, thinking about how tired I was.

A young lady then came out from the back, someone I had not initially seen when I first entered the restaurant. She walked over to this gentleman and spoke to him. He spoke back, uttering basic chit chatter, but I noticed he had a slight southern accent, which sounded incredibly familiar. I was not a huge Elvis fan, but my mother loved him, and used to play his old 45's all the time. I know what the guy sounds like. I also know what he sounds like in casual conversations having been forced to watch Elvis documentaries on television growing up. As I said, my mother was obsessed.

Anyway, the young girl then left him and walked back into the back. My face was in shock. I swear I must have had the look of surprise on it, as if I had just seen someone jump off a building or something. The gentleman then looked up at me from across the restaurant at my stunned, stoned face, smirked and winked with his right eye. He looked down to his cup of coffee and kept munching away on whatever the hell he was eating.

I could feel it, I knew it. It was real. I know all about Tweed and the "supposed Elvis lives here" thing. But I am telling you, It's not supposed, it's real and fact, and the funny thing is, everyone thinks it's a joke, that's why it works so well.

I finished my coffee and muffin stood up and walked nervously over to the garbage bin, which was closer to him than me. As I approached him, I couldn't stop staring, eagerly waiting to get a closer look, I opened the swaying door of the garbage bin and tossed my garbage inside all the while trying not to lose focus on the gentleman. I was still in shock, nervous as all hell and staring directly at the side of him. The only sound there was in that Tim Hortons that night was a radio bantering away from the back, some talk radio station.

I was just about to take my eyes off him, when he looked up, turned his head and stared straight at me, we couldn't have been more than 6 feet away from each other. He smirked, brought his index finger to his lips and said, shhhhhh. I couldn't believe it!! It was the sign! He knew I knew! He knew it! And you know what? It looked like him too. I'm not just saying that, it really did, an older him mind you, but I could see it, I could really see it.

I turned and exited the Timmys, got into my car and stared at him through the window for what must have been 45 minutes. I then started my car and left. I had to, I didn't want to be on the road any longer than I already knew I was going to be.

I will never forget it for as long as I live. I sat alone in a Tim Hortons restaurant with the King of Rock and Roll. No one will ever believe me, but that's ok. I don't care, the only one who really matters anyway, knows.

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